Initial Website Features

I will be looking to develop the website iteratively and introduce fully working features 0ne at a time. With this in mind I have drawn up list of the minimum set of features the site will need for it to work:

  • Add / Edit ingredients
  • Add / Edit recipes
  • Search for recipes + bookmark
  • User registration / authentication
  • Recipe book (View own recipes + bookmarked)

I will first be focusing on developing these features to try and keep some momentum on the development. Once these features are completed I can either further develop the initial feature set or introduce more. Some ideas for more advanced features are:

  • Recipes reviews and ratings
  • New recipes ‘you might like’ notifications by email / rss feed
  • Generation of shopping lists from a set of recipes
  • Multiple region support (different languages)

Thats quite enough to keep me busy for now! Next up are the wireframes.

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