Before We Begin...

I’ve started this blog to record my progress making a website in ASP.NET MVC. I am hoping that writing a blog about the experience will help keep the development moving forwards. The motivation for making the website is to get a better understanding of the technologies that are used to build it. Therefore it is not so important that the site is unique, more that I can implement interesting and challenging features on the site to stretch the framwork. I don’t expect many people will read the blog but maybe one day it will have some interesting content!

A summary of the progress so far:

  • Run through tutorials on ASP.NET MVC, primarily the excellent NerdDinner tutorial.
  • Checked out Sharp Architecture to use as project architecture
  • Initial idea about making the site on an online recipe book, where users can add and store their own recipes

Future targets:

  • Draft some wireframes for the website
  • Draft an initial class diagram for the project
  • Build a prototype using Sharp Architecture

I think wireframes will be useful to help clarify what I want in terms of the sites appearance and functionality. So, I’ll be putting on a designers hat (if I can find one) for a brief time and bash something out. It might not be pretty at this stage but I don’t want it to delay me too much on starting the development.

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